Alison Smith

Alison is a highly experienced and skilled researcher specialising in public sector issues. Alison’s background spans 35+ years working in public sector research and policy. Up to 2003, she worked mainly within local government where she ran research and policy teams. Since then, Alison has worked freelance and, from 2007 to 2013, employed by a research agency specialising in high quality rigorous research for the public sector. Alison’s most recent research has included: designing and delivering an evaluation of an innovative rehabilitation programme for stroke survivors; running focus groups with parents for a national body promoting the study of science, technology, engineering and maths; setting up and delivering on-site interviews at construction sites with workers about their skills and qualifications; setting up e-surveys for a national professional body; and designing and running focus groups on community safety issues for a local authority and writing up the results for presentation to the client. Alison also takes a personal interest in physical activity and its health aspects as a Tai Chi teacher and trainer for both adults and youngsters from very broad ranges of ability and mobility.

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