Stroke Rehabilitation

supporting continuing recovery from stroke


ARNI Techniques for Chronic Stage of Stroke in a Group Setting continued


Blood pressure did not appear to be adversely affected by the exercise class. Some individuals showed a small decrease in blood pressure. Ambulant participants all decreased their time on Timed Up and Go, and one participant who was unable to walk without the stick at all at the beginning of the trial completed the task without a stick at the end of the sessions. Berg Balance Tests for three of the four were improved. The majority noticed small improvements in their upper limb function. 3 of the 4 ambulant participants said their level of mobility had improved in some way. Participants also mentioned being able to return to activities, such as dancing, which they had not done since before their stroke.


Five out of six participants have become more independent or effective in daily activities such as preparing food, eating, getting dressed, or mobility. These participants did home training between sessions, some of them a substantial amount. All of the 4 who are ambulant practiced getting down to the floor and up again from standing in the group sessions, some for the first time. All participants had experimented with attempting new things and tasks they thought they could not do. Five out of six participants said they felt they had made progress towards the goals they set at the beginning of the programme. Confidence increased for the majority of participants both in doing particular tasks, such as walking, and more generally in social situations.


All felt the programme could have been longer than 6 weeks although most said that the time had been effective in getting them started on the ARNI techniques and that they were looking forward to the monthly follow up sessions. All made positive comments about the programme and were keen for ARNI in Milton Keynes to be expanded to provide longer programmes, and that ARNI techniques be made available to a wider audience.


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