Alison Smith

Five Things I Learned from
30 Days of Biking

In April I joined ‘30 Days of Biking’. The plan was to ride my bike every day of April and tweet about it every day. It didn’t quite work out the way I planned.

I feel rather ashamed to admit that I probably only rode on about one in three days.... and I DID ride many more days than I would have without 30DOB. Here’s five things I learned through taking part. I reckon they would all translate into quite a few other areas of my life. And I enjoyed myself enough to carry on into May and June.

1 Plan, at least the day before, when and how I will bike. Just hoping I’ll fit it in doesn’t work.
2 Have a visual record of dates when I rode (eg circling the date on the calendar, or even stickers on a chart). Accountability through Twitter was not enough for me.
3 Having the option of just going round the block was appealing. I thought it would get me on my bike every day – but perhaps too appealing as it gave me a cop out option. I think it may have contributed to me missing quite a few days – missing a day didn’t seem much worse than a ‘round the block’ trip.
4 I need a reason to get on my bike: a place to go; job to do; something to shop for. The disadvantage of this is many trips meant I shopped and spent more money than I would have otherwise. Find a non-shopping reason to ride to make sure I’m saving money.
5 Some days riding just isn’t fun, especially the first 10-15 mins on a really cold day. Allow for the odd day when it’s unpleasant, grin and bear it, and count the majority of days when I smile and feel good on my bike instead.

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